Open Joint Stock Holding Company «ELEKTROZAVOD» (OJSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD») is known as the leading Russian and world-wide manufacturer of various transformer equipment being supplied for all industries including electric-power industry, metallurgy, machine building, transport, oil and gas complex, housing and utilities infrastructure. The first Russian transformer plant which had been founded in 1928 played a decuman role in industrialization of the country and development of domestic power industry. The equipment with ELEKTROZAVOD label is in safe operation in more than 60 countries of the world.

Nowadays Holding Company «ELEKTROZAVOD» is the biggest diversified integrated company focused on complex realization of projects for construction, reconstruction and modernization of power facilities. Its organization structure comprises producing and service departments, its own research & development establishment and design institute, Engineering Centre.

OJSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD» takes part in construction and reconstruction of power generation projects and high-voltage distribution systems of Russia, energy systems of different regions, nuclear power industry, in re-building of the power complex in Chechnya, enterprises of metallurgy, petroleum chemistry, oil and gas complex, transport, housing and utilities.

OJSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD» actively co-operates with companies of the domestic oil and gas complex, makes a large scope of deliveries of special equipment to almost all companies of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, various divisions of OJSC «Russian Railways».

Quality system applied in OJSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD» conforms to international standard ISO 9001:2008. OJSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD» has certificate of Rostekhnadzor for manufacture and delivery of electrical equipment for power projects. All equipment produced by the company has certificates of conformity.

Company structure of «ELEKTROZAVOD»

Manufacturing capacity

Holding Company «ELEKTROZAVOD» development and production of over 3500 type versions of transformer & reactor equipment and switching equipment. Holding Company comprises four electrotechnical plants which are specialized in manufacture of transformers and electrical reactors for various applications (in Moscow, Ufa and Zaporozhye) and switching equipment (In Ufa). Institute of Transformer Building (VIT) is a research and design-engineering basis for all productions.


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