Engineering Centre OJSHC «ELEKTROZAVOD»

Having formed at the turn of the new century a strategy aimed at a complex satisfaction of the demand for equipment and services on the power market OJSHC «ELEKTROZAVOD» has already implemented about twenty projects on construction, modernization and equipping of power and heat generation and distribution facilities in various regions of the country. Electric power substations «Ishimskaya» and «Elektrozavodskaya» (Ufa), «Dvoriki» (Serpukhov), «Zabolotye», «Dubninskaya» (Moscow) are among the turnkey projects implemented on the investment basis. As a general supplier the company effected deliveries for combined cycle gas turbine power plants «Kuryanovo», «Penyagino», combined cycle thermal power plants «Strogino» (Moscow), electric power substations «Yakovlevo» (for Airport «Domodedovo») and «City» of Moscow International Business Centre, for pumping stations of the urban heat supply networks: Yuzhno-Izmaylovskaya, Khapilovskaya, Khovrino and many other projects.

Engineering Centre of OJSHC «ELEKTROZAVOD» has availed an effective control system for turnkey construction of heat and power projects which is based on the reduction of total cost of projects thanks to optimization of resource control throughout all the work cycle. The company is ready to perform works with investments or without advance payment.

The company performs delivery, erection and commissioning of all main and auxiliary equipment – for gas-fired power plants of low and middle capacity based on gas-piston assemblies, power equipment, equipment for outdoor and indoor switchgears, auxiliaries, secondary switching equipment, equipment for over-head lines, cables, devices and equipment for protection, communication and telemechanics, fire protection and alarm, ventilation and pumping equipment, equipment for internal water supply and sewage systems.

OJSHC «ELEKTROZAVOD» can equip power projects by 70% with its own products and, at customer’s will, with equipment of the leading domestic and overseas manufactures.

When implementing projects the company maximally takes into account potential capabilities of local enterprises and contracting organizations.

High qualified specialists from Engineering Centre offer their services in site selection for power projects, preparation of project feasibility studies and engineering technical documentation, approval for technical specifications, construction, making-up a set and putting the project into operation, including obtainment of all necessary permits in respective state authorities. Design works are carried out by Specialized Design Institute «Mosspetsproject» which is a part of the Holding Company with participation of specialists from central and regional specialized project organizations.

OJSHC «ELEKTROZAVOD» has good transport facilities (trucks, truck cranes), established relations with the divisions of the Ministry of Railways and subcontracting organizations that ensures performance of lifting & loading works and delivery of equipment to the erection site within the timeframe agreed with the customer.

In order to accelerate the pace of planning and construction of power facilities, fitting of them with state-of-the-art high-reliable equipment by taking into account the minimization of expenditures connected with installation, commissioning and subsequent maintenance, OJSHC «ELEKTROZAVOD» takes steps to integrate and to adapt worldwide advanced technologies and engineering solutions in Russia.


Address: 21, Electrozavodskaya str., Moscow, 107023, Russia, Engineering Centre.
Phone: +7 495-411-68-42

Substation  220-110-10 kV «Novo-Vnukovo», Moscow
Substation 110-20 kV «Grach», Moscow
Substation 110-10 kV «Dvoriki», Serpukhov.
Substation «Penyagino».
Substation «Kurkino» 220 kV.


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