First-born Russian transformer factory – Moscow «ELEKTROZAVOD» was founded to provide implementing GOELRO plan. The factory started producing first transformers 6, 10 and 35 kV in 1928 and four years later manufactured one eighth from electrical equip-ment produced by all electric industry of the country.

In 1931-1933 power and instrument transformers 110 and 220 kV were developed, transformers for the first in the USSR transmission line Swirskaya HPP – Leningrad. Transformers were supplied to dozens of power plants, big projects, among them Dneproges, Magnitostroy, Uralmash, Gorkovsky motor-car factory, Stalingradsky tractor factory, first sec-tion of Zakavkazskaya railroed provided with electric power.

During the Second World War the factory produced shells for famous rocket-launchers «Katuysha», transformers for defensive lines, repaired tanks T-34. 320 employees formed main body of mili-tia of Kuibyshevsky region of Moscow city and 1200 people became volunteers. In 1944 the nearest metro station, bridge across Yauza river and the street where the factory is located were named after it.

After the Second World War the destroyed national economy needed recovering and construction of new power plants and transmission lines required increasing of total output and individual capacity of equipment, improvement of technical level and reliability of transformers.

«ELEKTROZAVOD» became a kind of technical university for many transformer specialists, scientific and manufacturing base for development of electrotechnical industry. Experience of «ELEKTROZAVOD» specialists was used during construction and organizing of transformer production at Zaporozhsky transformer factory, Tolyatti electrotechnical plant, Uraltyazhmash and others.

During these years first transformers which found wide application in the utilities for coupling networks 110, 220, 400 and 500 kV were developed and manufactured, powerful shunt reactors and instrument transformers for HV overhead lines 750 and 1150 kV, for the first DC Transmission line 800 kV Volgograd-Donbass and later for transmis-sion line 1500 kV.

The factory supplied equipment for hundreds of new-built projects, among them hydro power plants at Volga river and in Siberia, nuclear power plants; Magnitogorsky and Chelyabinsky facto-ries, Bratsky Aluminum plant, KAMAZ etc. ELECTROZAVOD produced transformers for construction of Moskva-Volga channel, Moscow metro, high rise buildings, Ostankinskaya TV tower, Palace of Congresses in Kremlin, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

ELEKTROZAVOD personnel participated in elimination of after-effects of the accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant by providing of op-eration of electrical equipment.

In nineties «ELEKTROZAVOD» not only retained its high technical level of manufacture, prepared qualified personnel, but successfully devel-oped stored potential: production process was modernized, up-to-date technology was applied, range of products was continuously extending and renewing.

At present OJSHC «ELEKTROZAVOD» supplies more than 2500 types and modifications of equipment

  • power transformers and autotransformers up to 400 MVA, 110-500 kV for power plants and networks
  • shunt reactors 35-1150 kV, with the capacities up to 300 MVA, for reactive power compensation in transmission lines
  • furnace transformers with the capacity up to 100 MVA and voltage up to 220 kV for metallurgy, chemical industry, electric heating installations, including A.C. and D.C. arc melting furnaces, induction, ore-melting and slag-melting furnaces
  • transformers for various purposes:
        - oil-immersed transformers 3-35 kV, 10-25000 kVA, including sealed design - up to 1000 kVA;
        - dry transformers 0.5 - 10 kV, 0.05 - 1600 kVA, including high fire-proof and seismic endurance
  • Instrument transformers:
        - voltage transformers 6 - 1150 kV;
        - current transformers 35 - 750 kV
  • Dry and oil - immersed reactors 0.5 - 35 kV:
        - current limiting, earthing, compensating, filtering, smoothing, etc.,
        - high voltage suppressors for networks 35 - 1150 kV

Rectifying transformer aggregates for various purposes, including power supply for electrical gas filters and X-ray apparatuses.

«ELEKTROZAVOD» products are operated in more than 50 countries of CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America.

Complete deliveries of transformers and protective equipment for substations.


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