Manufacturing complex of OJSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD» (Moscow)

Manufacturing complex of OJSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD» is specialized in design and manufacture of transformer and reactor equipment which is traditional for the plant and has been manufactured for 80 years, for power utilities, industry and transport. The production area of the plant is approximately 95 thousand square meters.

Manufacturing complex of OJSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD» delivers:

  • superpower transformers (up to 630 MVA) for the electric networks of 35 – 750 kV and electric stations, systems of power supply for great manufacturing enterprises and settlements;
  • shunt, current-limiting, earthing, filter and other types of reactors for transmission lines and AC electric networks with voltage up to 1150 kV, DC power transmissions (links) to be used in manufacturing industry (electric drives of rolling mills, converting rectifying units etc.);
  • instrument transformers of 3 – 750 kV;
  • oil-filled and dry transformers for distribution urban and industrial networks of 6 – 35 kV with power up to 63000 kVA, converting transformers for city transport tracking substations;
  • special transformers for supply mains voltage from 0.22 to 220 kV for feeding the electric furnaces in metallurgy (arcing, induction, electroslag, thermal) and in electrochemistry, for industrial electrothermics;
  • transformers with voltage up to 660 V (up to 1000 kVA) for various applications (for electric power systems of surface and submarine vessels, boats, rolling-stocks and underground system; excavating, intended for machining equipment and electric tools power supply, drive circuits, signaling, automatic and lighting equipment, etc.) including those seismic, fire and humid extra-resistant.

Such extended nomenclature of transformer and reactor equipment supplied is peculiar for OJSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD». Other Russian manufacturers of similar equipment specialize just in some part of the above equipment types or in capacity and voltage smaller scales.

Qualified specialists from design engineering department use modern methods of calculation and designing that enable to carry out high-level engineering works and preproduction engineering in short time.

Cross-cutting and slitting lines by GEORG (Germany); Soenen (Belgium) and Astronic (Switzerland) ensure top-quality cutting of steel without cut edge deformation and enable to use modern methods of core stacking including full scarf joint and «Step-lap».

The use of progressive schemes of stacking and technology of core assembly without pre-laminated yoke together with the use of special steel having high magnetic permeability and low specific losses provides reduction of no-load losses by 15-20% as compared to the valid standards.

There are horizontal and vertical winding machines by Tuboly AG (Switzerland) and L.A.E. (Italy) in the plant for manufacture of windings. The equipment by Biesse (Italy), Weining (Germany), Striebig (Switzerland), Hammer (Austria) in the new insulation shop enables to manufacture insulation parts of complicated configuration in any dimensions even from hard-to-machine materials with high quality and accuracy. 

We carry out vacuum-phase drying of transformer active parts in vacuum drying chambers by «Hedrich». Windings repressing under constant pressure is performed by means of hydraulic jacks by «Enerpac» (USA). As insulation material for pits we use solid shrink-resistant electric-grade transformer board by Weidmann (Switzerland) and our windings, insulation and cores have optimized design – this all enables both windings dynamic ability boosting at short-circuit and insuring of preset pressing forces on windings during the transformer whole service life.

Machines with CNC control enable to produce high quality transformer metal parts in short time with low labour intensity.

The painting booth by Tecnofirma (Italy) provides stable coating with paint and varnish.

Shot-blasting of surfaces before they are painted and drying of painted surfaces at high temperature prolong metal structure coating service life.

Type and special tests of materials, parts, assemblies and units are being carried out during the whole manufacture process according to factory-wide system of quality control. All the equipment manufactured passes acceptance tests in conformity with IEC 76.

Test Centre and control & test stations of OJSC «ELEKTROZAVOD» are fitted with necessary equipment which provide complex testing of all types of manufactured equipment in time and according to Russian and international standards as well as according to customer’s requirements.

Test Centre of OJSHC «ELEKTROZAVOD» was accredited by GosStandart of Russia for certification tests.

Construction and technology

Transformers are manufactured with regard to up-to-date technique and using of modern technology and materials. Its design is based on progressive technical solutions, using the best home-produced or imported materials and meets the world requirements for transformer engineering.

Transformer cores are made of cold-rolled electro-technical low-loss steel and with complete mitre joints of steel sheets (step-lap technology). Together with novelties in design of insulation these provide reducing of no-load transformers electric losses up to 35% as compared to analogues.

Transposed cable with gluing of elementary conductors by «Еssex» (Germany) used for transformer windings, and some other improvements result in significant increasing of their electric dynamic resistance  under short circuit conditions and also permit to reduce the short circuit electric losses  in transformers up to  20-30% as compared to the standards.

For power transformers of new generation low-shrinkage electric grade card-board, supplied by «Weidmann» (Switzerland), is widely applied, the technology of winding stabilization has been introduced, the pressure rings for tightening of windings are made of laminated wood «Rochling» (Germany). The core yoke beams have simplified construction as they serve mainly for windings fixation. These novelties diminish consumption materials and labour input of core-coils assembly manufacturing, and also permit to provide the prescribed clamping forces on windings during all service life of transformers. Transformers do not require overhauling with prepressing of windings after 12 years of operation.

The additional electrical losses in construction metal parts of transformers are lowered nearly two times of its previous value due to advanced methods of electromagnetic field calculation, optimization of magnetic shunts design for localizations of magnetic flux, refusing from steel pressure rings.

The use of advanced design and engineering solutions ensure much better characteristics of new generation transformers the valid standards. The summary electrical losses are reduced on the average up to 15-25%. Noise level is reduced till the level of 10-15 dB. The essential space-weight savings are attained, too.

High proof tap-changers by «Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen» (Germany) are used for on-load voltage regulation.

In order to increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs the transformers are completed with high voltage bushings of 330 kV and  500 kV manufactured by «Trench (UK) LTD - Bushing»  (England). The bushings are made up of non extending construction, with shortened lower part, and have connection with winding leads at the level of tank cover, that results in more convenient assembly and possibility of bushing mounting or dismounting without sinking of oil from the tank.

Optionally, (on customer desire) the transformers may be completed with bushings of Moscow plant «Isolator», with oil or with RIP inner insulation, which have higher reliability and long operation life. Also the transformers can be equipped with HV leading-in cables.

Depending on capacity and customer’s requirements transformers are manufactured with  ONAN, ONAF or OFAF cooling systems.

On customer’s request transformers can be equipped with remote coolers of OFAF cooling system.

Application of radiators by «Luvata» (Sweden), «Eurocooler» (France) in the cooling systems enables 1.5 times decrease of temperature rise in windings in as compared to analogues. Coolers of these companies proved their good operation in diverse climate conditions.

Besides, it is possible to use the cooling systems of  ONAN/ONAF/OFAF  kind, produced by «Eurocooler» (France), which consist of some groups of lamellar radiators supplied with oil pumps and air fans. They permit to apply the appropriate kin of cooling in dependence on operating transformer power.

For cooling system control an automatic control cabinet is provided, which responds to the sign of higher temperature point of winding.

Transformers are completed with special sealing rubber of 30 years service life instead of usual 10 years.

Power transformers of high capacity are fitted with sensors which are used in connection of monitoring systems, explosion and fire protection systems. At customer’s will these systems may be delivered and installed together with transformers.

Transformers are designed for outdoor installation and for operation in moderate climatic conditions. As option, various modifications are possible for cold or tropical climates and seismic stable zones.

Active part of transformer  417 MVA, 750 kVThe core of single-phase autotransformer 167 MVA, 500 kVThe vacuum drying chambers by «Hedrich» (Germany) for drying of transformer  active parts under kerosene evaporation Vertical and horizontal winding machines enable to manufacture windings of any design and dimensions coresOn-load tap-changing devices by «Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen» (Germany)Swiveling core assembly table for power transformers of high capacity


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