Ufa transformer plant

In order to enhance the company’s capabilities in manufacture of the unique high-voltage equipment in September 2005 OJSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD» started construction of a state-of-the-art enterprise in Ufa. The production area of the new plant for manufacture of power and distribution transformers is approximately 55 thousand square meters.

Since 2009 the plant has been manufacturing transformers and autotransformers of 35-500 kV voltage class and single-unit power up to 267 MVA and 6-35 kV oil-immersed and dry-type distribution transformers as well as package transformer substations. After having reached the designed capacity the annual production output will be approximately 27 million kVA.

The enterprise is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment of the leading world-wide companies from Hedrich, Demag, E.H.T. (Germany), Tecnofirma (Italy), Haefely, Tuboly, Astronic (Switzerland) and others.

The equipment is developed and manufactured like at the place of production in Moscow, by keeping step with the latest achievements of the world-wide transformer building, by using materials and accessories from the leading world-wide companies. At that, those unified design and technological solutions are used which have proven themselves at Manufacturing Complex in Moscow and at VIT.


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