OJS «ELEKTROZAVOD – VIT» is established on the basis of the manufacturing departments of the pilot-producing plant VIT in Zaporozhye which have been extended and reconstructed.

The production area of the new plant is 32.5 thousand square meters, including 5.8 thousand square meters for new construction. The expected annual production output is at the level of 17000 MVA. The complex under reconstruction is intended for pilot production of pilot models and series of power transformers including generator transformers up to 500 MVA, up to 500 kV; shunt reactors
up to 110 MVAr, for voltages up to 750 kV, special-purpose transformers and reactors as well as short-run batches of special manufacturing equipment.

The capabilities of pilot production and test & research complex are used to make researches on models of new structures, to manufacture and to test pilot models, to prepare normative and technical documentation for new transformers and reactors series production start up at all the plants of OJSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD».

The world-famous institute of transformer-building VIT (Zaporozhye) is a parent organization in the field of transformers and high-voltage apparatuses is engaged in research, development and producing of new examples of electrical equipment. 

The institute has available a large high-voltage laboratory building (144x40x40 m) equipped with plants for testing transformers of insulation and EHV apparatuses, for generating lightning and switching impulses, power-frequency voltage, constant and pulsating voltage.

There are test benches in the laboratory for performing electromagnetic, thermal, climatic, mechanical and other tests of transformers and apparatuses, separate structural components, electro-technical and structural materials.


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